Ride It Like Beckham


New Los Angeles company Retrospec Bicycles offers affordable fixies in 10 color combinations to match any style. David Beckham recently chose the black and red El Diablo version (AC Milan colors?!?) pictured above. With 12 different wheel and grip color options, you can throw away those spray paint cans for customizing your fixie.  

Ely Khakshouri started Retrospec as a side project while he was still in college. At the time, he was frustrated that a bike with only one gear and no brakes could cost so much. Ely set out to build an affordable and customizable fixie for young adults who just want a stylish way to get around town.

Retrospec's goal is to produce fixies that use higher quality parts and look totally customized, all for a great price.  The steel frame bikes are built in an urban comfort design with a relaxed head tube rake. Alloy wheels with super deep v-rims (41 mm) and Kraton rubber O.K. grips come in 12 different colors from mint green to pink. 

Retrospec customizable fixie
Though you may not see one of these featured on Fixed Gear Gallery anytime soon, you can consider this your "intro to fixie" bike as it comes with Radius brakes as well as a flip flop hub. With urban style 520 mm Alloy Riser handlebars and a Vader type bike saddle, the Restrospec fixie makes for a comfortable ride around town. 

The Retrospect fixies cost $349 and can be bought from your local bike store or design your own fixie online at SGV Bicycles.

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