Mini U-Lock Turned Socket Wrench

U Lock Turned socket wrench

Jeff Tiedeken and Dan Berlant, the duo behind Monkey Likes Shiny, have created a new gadget for all of you fixie riders. Designed for the deep dropouts of fixed gear bikes, a small retrofit device will turn your mini u-lock into a 15 mm broached hex socket wrench that will work with almost any fixie axle nut. Now you can be fully prepared to change that flat without having to carry an entire tool box with you. 

The patent pending chrome socket wrench is a small sleeve that slides onto the crossbar of your mini u-lock. Using the lock shackle for leverage, the socket wrench works like any offset box wrench you would normally use. The u-lock shackle slides through a hole in the socket wrench sleeve, securing it to the lock for when you are away from your bike. 

The socket wrench sleeve is compatible with the
Kryptonite Evolution Mini U-Lock
. For the
OnGuard Bulldog Mini U-Lock
, the sleeve simply replaces one of the yellow caps. Weighing only 100 grams, it's lighter and way more convenient than carrying around a full size box wrench for the off chance you might have a flat.  You will still need your tire lever, tube and small pump however! 

The first product run will begin shipping this week with a planned retail price of $30. The socket wrench sleeve will be distributed by Tom Hall Enterprises, so you can expect to see it in your local bike shop soon. 

super tall bike monkey likes shiny

With all the cool bike stuff that these guys make in their LA shop, like the super tall bike pictured above, and their foray into Culinary School, I am thinking they need their own TV show like American Chopper meets Food Network. 

(via Wired)


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