Ion TWIN VIDEO Dual Lens Camera

Ion Twin HD Video Action camera 

Now you can record the priceless look on your face along with the action in front of you with the new Ion TWIN VIDEO camera. The first video recorder with front and back lenses, the Ion TWIN VIDEO puts you in the middle of the action from the moment you hit the record button.

This new, dual lens camera will give you an innovative take on your action adventures as for the first time, you can capture yourself and what you are seeing at the same time, on the same device. No more turning the camera around towards you for your personal reaction or commentary. 

The front and rear lenses can be controlled independently. While recording, you can select and swap what picture is being recorded, split the screen to view both video feeds and even inlay picture on picture to create the exact desired effect. 

The dual lens camera records high quality 640 x 480, 30 fps video on a standard SD or SDHC card. Two separate video streams are written to the same memory card. Dual onboard stereo microphones on both front and back capture quality audio recordings while a 4x zoom lets you get close in on the action.  The video camera uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery and connects via USB to a computer for easy video transfer. 

A couple of drawbacks to the Ion TWIN VIDEO dual lens camera are no sign of HD as of yet and the camera comes only tripod mount compatible. This means you will most likely have to create your own action camera rig but I think it would definitely be worth it. 

This would be a cool camera to have climbing as you could see what the route looks like ahead as well as below you at the same time. I think Jamie Clarke should be using one of these for his Climb With Us videos so we can see the trail on his trek to Everest as well as his personal commentary. And Steph Davis' base jumping and wingsuit flying videos would be even more amazing with a dual point of view. 

I am challenging all of you to come up with the best action mount for this dual lens camera be it for cycling, mountain biking, surfing, sky diving, climbing, hiking, whatever! 

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