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Buy A Bike And Give A Bike At The Same Time

Miir Bike

Seattle company MiiR was founded two years ago with a focus on creating reusable, recyclable products that give back to the community in some way. After the success of the initial product line of stainless steel water bottles where every bottle purchased provides one person with clean water for a year, MiiR now turns their attention to bikes.

Glow In The Dark Fixie

Pure Fix Kilo Glow In The Dark Bike

Remember when your mom used to send you out trick-or-treating with a couple of glow sticks in hand to make sure you were seen by cars? Pure Fix Cycles has taken it one awesome step further by creating an entire glow in the dark fixie that will have you radiating neon light for your entire ride home. 

Ride It Like Beckham


New Los Angeles company Retrospec Bicycles offers affordable fixies in 10 color combinations to match any style. David Beckham recently chose the black and red El Diablo version (AC Milan colors?!?) pictured above. With 12 different wheel and grip color options, you can throw away those spray paint cans for customizing your fixie.  

Mini U-Lock Turned Socket Wrench

U Lock Turned socket wrench

Jeff Tiedeken and Dan Berlant, the duo behind Monkey Likes Shiny, have created a new gadget for all of you fixie riders. Designed for the deep dropouts of fixed gear bikes, a small retrofit device will turn your mini u-lock into a 15 mm broached hex socket wrench that will work with almost any fixie axle nut. Now you can be fully prepared to change that flat without having to carry an entire tool box with you. 

Urban Outfitters Custom Fixed Gear Bike

Urban Outfitters custom fixed gear bike

For those of you that saw our Create Bikes post the other week and were wondering why you can't design your own fixed gear bike in North America, Urban Outfitters is now giving you the chance.  Supplied by the same company that makes the fixie for Create, Urban Outfitters will let you choose from popular builds or completely customize every color and component. 

Create Your Own Affordable Fixie

Create Fixie

UK company Create Bikes is on a mission to take the fixie out of the hands of the high fashionistas and bring it back to its roots as an affordable bike that is easy to maintain. With simplicity yet style, the Create fixie or track bike built in the classic geometry, harks back to the days of the original reckless and agile bike couriers.

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