Urban Outfitters Custom Fixed Gear Bike

Urban Outfitters custom fixed gear bike

For those of you that saw our Create Bikes post the other week and were wondering why you can't design your own fixed gear bike in North America, Urban Outfitters is now giving you the chance.  Supplied by the same company that makes the fixie for Create, Urban Outfitters will let you choose from popular builds or completely customize every color and component. 

The fixed gear bike is created by you and built by Republic Bike. Starting with a basic fixie model, an easy to use visual display lets you pick colors, choose components, swap out and finally decide on your ultimate design. Once ordered, Republic will build it, box it and ship it out to you. 

The basic fixie model is called the Aristotle and has classic angles and sensible outfitting. It's a multi-purpose, practical ride. The Hi-ten steel frame comes in 59cm, 54cm or 52cm sizes. The total assembled bike weighs approximately 24 lbs. Components include a Sugino crankset, Wellgo pedals, painted chain, soft-top race saddle and 110mm grips.

The Aristotle can actually be built as a fixed gear bike or singlespeed since it has a fixed/free dual hub. Simply flip around your rear wheel anytime to switch from a fixed to a free and back.

The bikes are assembled in South Florida and then packed in a heavyweight 7-layer shipping carton. Your new fixie will arrive approximately 90% assembled. You will most likely have to attach the pedals, front wheel, handlebars and make small adjustments requiring basic tools. 

Your custom fixed gear bike will cost you $399 + $34 flat rate FedEx shipping in the US. For those of you Canadians desperate to create your own fixie too, you can go directly to Republic Bike to design and order yours. 

(via Interbike Times)

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