Ed Viesturs Helps Outdoor Industry Reduce Carbon Footprint

Ed Viesturs Source 44 Carbon Footprint

Legendary mountaineer Ed Viesturs has joined the founding team of Source 44, a new sustainability management company based in San Diego. With Ed Viesturs as investor, co-founder and official spokesman, Source 44 is looking to help the outdoor industry, among others, measure and reduce their overall carbon footprint. 

Source 44's goal is to help their clients meet the increasing consumer and legislative pressure to create sustainable products without sacrificing on quality, price or innovation. The Company owns the largest library of raw material and sustainability data profiles that are packaged and delivered to clients in the form of carbon footprint datasheets. The datasheets measure green house gas emissions for everything from material or substances used to make products and finished products to manufacturing facilities and processes.

Through the datasheets, Source 44 can provide outdoor industry companies with a concrete visual on the carbon footprint of their entire operation and give recommendations on ways to reduce their emission levels. Source 44 has also partnered with several prominent carbon offset companies to provide their clients with a convenient way to offset those carbon emissions they may be unable to reduce. 

Ed Viesturs has traveled the world extensively over the past 30 years and has seen the effects of climate change in the mountains. "I am excited to be associated with Source 44 not only to help educate people about sustainability, but also to provide manufacturers and retailers with a service that will provide them with the information they need to make decisions and changes as far as their impact on the environment," said Viesturs. 

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