Eddie Bauer Partners With Ed Viesturs’ Source 44

Eddie Bauer Source 44 Ed Viesturs 

Eddie Bauer has teamed up with Source 44, the sustainability management company founded in part by Ed Viesturs. Source 44 will help Eddie Bauer launch a company-wide initiative to quantify their carbon footprint and levels of waste generation in order to identify areas for reduction. No doubt Ed's relationship with both First Ascent and Source 44 has helped to secure this deal but it is great to see Eddie Bauer take the sustainability leap.  

Source 44 specializes in documenting their customers' sustainability footprint and offering solutions to minimize the same. These footprints may be product, raw material, or facility specific. The company first helps their customers understand the sustainability of their own supply chain and how it impacts their products. They then offer solutions that are geared towards carbon neutrality and zero environmental impacts. To help calculate carbon footprint, Source 44 provides a dynamic library of manufacturer and supplier-specific Footprint Data Sheets.  

The Source 44 Footprint Data Sheets make it simple for a company to track its supply chain carbon footprint and obtain insight into the life cycle of its products. Armed with this information, a company can make educated and scientifically-based strategic business decisions regarding their organization's impact on the environment and better understand how to turn their brand into a sustainable business.

"Eddie Bauer, with Source 44's assistance, will examine energy consumption, water usage and waste/recycling, all of which will be encompassed in the Eddie Bauer sustainability chain," said Freya Brier, Senior Vice President of Eddie Bauer. 

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