Rapanui Green Clothing With Product Traceability

Rapanui green clothing 

Rapanui is a youthful, edgy, green clothing brand that is all about informing consumers of where their products come from. The company would like to promote eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable consumerism through informed choice. After only recently launching the online product traceability site, Rapanui has already been contacted by ISPO commending them on their efforts.  

Isle of Wight based Rapanui was started by brothers Mart and Rob Drake-Knight in early 2008 with just their £200 of savings.  The brothers founded the company based on three main principles: use of certified organic fabrics, fair-trade labor and renewable energy. 

Rapanui green clothing is made from organic, natural fabrics such as cotton or bamboo. The company produces all of their clothing ethically using Fairwear Foundation Audited factories that guarantee fair pay, clean safe working conditions and holidays for factory workers in some of the poorest parts of the world. 

Rapanui is also committed to using renewable energy. The company works with factories that are powered mainly by large hydro, solar and wind turbines. All of the company products are stored in a carbon offset warehouse and air freight is never used as everything goes by sea. 

Rapanui green clothing product traceability

Rapanui believes in complete transparency and product traceability. They want you to think about what you are wearing, where it came from and how it was made. How much energy went into making the product? What kind of chemicals? Who sewed it together? You can investigate the complete supply chain of all Rapanui green clothing through an interactive map on the company website. 

So order a T-shirt, jeans, hoody or even socks and follow the lifecycle of your item from the picking of the cotton all the way to delivery at your front door. 

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