Icebug Shoe Traction Technology

IceBug shoe traction technology

Leave it to the Swedes to come up with the best shoe traction technology. Swedish footwear brand Icebug started in 2001 with a running shoe but has since moved into designing traction shoes for a range of activities. The Company is on a mission to provide innovative traction options that will make it fun for everyone to stay active, even in slippery conditions. 

Icebug's traction technology aims to instill you with confidence and security as you hit the icy and snowy trails and allows you to run with a natural, more relaxed movement. The foundation of Icebug's patented shoe traction technologies are BUGrip and BUGweb. BUGrip consists of sixteen durable, permanently embedded carbide studs for always on traction. When walking on hard surfaces, the studs passively depress up into the sole to allow for more rubber contact and comfortable walking. 

Icebug shoe traction technology

The BUGweb is a separate traction outsole that can be quickly installed over any shoe. Six carbide studs are embedded in the rubber outsole with lug patterns. The traction outsole will not slide off, twist or roll, no matter how aggressive you run, hike or walk. 

The Icebug collection includes both a trail and off-trail running line that ranges from nano-weight racers with strong and light upper materials (The Celeritas weighs in at only 225 grams) to multi-durometer technical platformed everyday trainers. An Active line features a range of sport shoes optimized for walking performance. The Subzero line is filled with highly insulated, beefy and industrial strength winter boots that will easily get you through the harshest of winters. 

Icebug has partnered with Ortolab AB, the leading Scandinavian manufacturer of custom made footbeds, to design the Arch Flex System footbeds for Icebug shoes. The footbeds give dynamic support to the two main arches of the foot. With this design, the natural movement of the arches is not blocked and the arches are supported through the entire phase of a step. 

You can buy Icebug shoes from the Garmont website. 

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