Outdoor Retailer Day 1 Thoughts

Amy Jurries and Apa Sherpa the Super Sherpa

This is just a quick post on my thoughts of the first day of Outdoor Retailer. First- I have to say it was so cool to meet Apa Sherpa the Super Sherpa! He is one of the nicest, most humble men you will meet. This Spring he is headed back to Mt Everest for his 20th summit. He is a rock star!

There are three themes for Fall 2010 outdoor gear lines that I saw today:

1. Layering

Everyone from Smartwool to Mountain Hardwear will be offering an entire line from base layers to outerwear, with each piece meant to complement and enhance the performance of the next. Within each layer, companies are using multiple knits of differing weights. So you may find a wool base layer with polyester strips running under the pits and down the sides for better heat management. 

Smartwool Layering System 

Smartwool's Layering System

2. Work Gloves

Work gloves seems to be a growth category for much of the glove vendors.

Marmot's Work Glove 

Marmot's Exum Work Glove

3.  Heritage

Many companies are bringing back updated versions of products they sold years ago. 

Jansport Heritage Collection 

Pack's from Jansport's Heritage Collection

Those are some quick thoughts from Day 1 of the show. More tomorrow!

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