Sierra Designs Core Comfort Technology

Sierra Designs Core Comfort Technology 

In recent years, one of the more innovative developments in base layers was the idea of incorporating different knit types within one garment to allow for warmth in certain areas and heat and sweat loss in others. Sierra Designs has now take this concept and applied it to outerwear with their new Core Comfort Technology.

By mapping the body's warmest and coolest parts, Core Comfort Technology places insulation where it's needed most. This creates a jacket that is great at retaining heat during times of low exertion but then cools your body and releases sweat through the non-insulated areas during times of high exertion. 

Core Comfort Technology will debut in the new Sierra Designs Solar Fusion jacket. 800-fill down covers the chest, back, shoulders and arms to provide warmth. Exhaust panels along the sides, under the arms and in the hood allow excess body heat to escape when you are working hard.  

Another interesting improvement that Sierra Designs released for the Spring 2010 collection (and will be used on all outerwear going forward) is Fusonic Technology. Instead of stitching, they use heat, pressure and a small amount of adhesive to bond the insulation baffles to the jacket and shell panels to each other, creating a stronger, tear resistant and more waterproof garment. They still run into the issue that areas of stitching in the down core have no insulation, resulting in a heat leak point-probably insignificant however. 

The Solar Fusion jacket with Core Comfort Technology will be available for Fall 2010 and retail for $325. A Primaloft version called the Prima Fusion jacket will retail for $289.

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