Therm-a-Rest’s New Ridge Rest Solar

ridgerest solar 

Cascade Designs and company brand Therm-a-Rest have taken their popular Ridge Rest closed-cell foam pad and made it even warmer.  

Similar to the normal Ridge Rest, the Solar features the unique closed-cell foam ridged pattern that traps more heat and provides more comfort than any flat foam mattress. Now with a new aluminized surface, the Ridge Rest Solar reflects your own body heat back at you, rendering the mattress 13% warmer with absolutely no increase in weight. The R-Value (measure of thermal resistance- the bigger the number the better) goes from 2.6 for the original Ridge Rest up to 3.5 for the Solar.

The Ridge Rest Solar will come in two sizes: 51 x 183 cm/ 20 x 72 in and 63 x 196 cm/ 25 x 77 in. The smaller size will retail for $39.95 and the larger one for $54.95. Both will be available in July 2010. 

Ridge Rest Solar 

Ridge Rest Solar at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market

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