Petzl Core rechargeable battery 

You no longer need to remember to bring extra batteries with you when you head up the mountain or out into the backcountry. Petzl has created the Core rechargeable battery to be be used in their
headlamp series. With a lifespan equivalent to 900 batteries, the Core battery will be much easier on the planet as well as your wallet. 

The battery quickly charges from a USB compatible charging device such as a computer, wall plug or solar charger. The compact lithium ion battery is lighter than alkaline batteries and performs better in cold temperatures.  Petzl also developed the Coretex computer software which allows you to customize the headlamp light settings and performance based on your personal preferences. 

Petzl Core rechargeable battery

A battery level indicator on the top of the headlamp tells you how much battery power you have left. The LED lights up in green (above 60%), yellow (30%-60%) and red (below 30%). If you happen to be in the middle of nowhere without a solar charger, the Core rechargeable battery can be taken out and replaced with the standard 3 AAA alkaline batteries. 

Petzl Core rechargeable battery

Coming in August, the Core rechargeable battery will be included in the new Petzl TIKKA2 Core and the TIKKA XP2 Core headlamps. The Core can also be retrofit to any Petzl
headlamp you already own and will be sold as a separate accessory retailing for $40. 

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  1. A video I saw showed it with a Tikka2 XP.
    So I assume it fits the Tikka2, Zipka2, Tikka2 plus, and Tikka 2 XP.

  2. Hi Tony,

    The idea is that the CORE battery will work with all the headlamps in the TIKKA2 and ZIPKA2 series so you are correct. The CORE will also come already included in the future TIKKA2 CORE and the TIKKA XP2 CORE (not sure if they plan to sell ZIPKA2 CORE package as well).

    Hope that helps clarify!


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