Silva X-Trail Rechargeable LED Headlamp

Silva X-Trail Rechargeable LED Headlamp

Swedish company Silva, best known around the world for their compasses, have been producing some pretty great headlamps lately. Silva's X-Trail LED headlamp series won an ISPO Outdoor Award this year for their Intelligent Light technology. The unique lighting technology translates into less head movement, increased control, better balance and more speed for all your outdoor night activities. 

Intelligent Light, Silva's light distribution technology, is incorporated into all of the company's LED headlamps. The technology combines a strong focused distance light with a wide angle flood light for close vision. This combination gives you both peripheral as well as long distance vision at the same time.  

Silva Intelligent Light technology

One high powered LED reaches up to 75 meters while two wide beam performance LEDs provide floodlight close to you.  You have a choice between 5 different light modes/levels with the maximum brightness at 145 lumens. 

The X-Trail is a modular headlamp meaning it can be moved between the headband, a helmet and bike handle bar attachments, all included.  The extra wide anti-slip treated headband ensures your headlamp stays put during your activity. The headlamp tips the scale at only 80 grams so it won't weigh you down. 

Both the X-Trail and the X-Trail Plus have external battery compartments. The X-Trail takes 4 AA-batteries that will last for up to 30 hours of illumination. The X-Trail Plus comes with a rechargeable Li-ion battery pack, much like the new Petzl CORE, which will last for up to 45 hours of activity. 

The external battery packs mean you can carry them on your waist or in your jacket pocket to cut down on head weight and increase battery life through warmth. A battery indicator on both models lets you know how much exercise time you have left to get back home. 

The X-Trail Plus retails for $204 is is available online in the US at OutdoorGB.

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