Contract Snowboards Snake Transition Technology

Contract Snowboards Snake Transition technology

Polish company Contract debuted on the snowboard scene this season with some innovative new design concepts. The patent pending Snake Transition Technology adds a 3D wave to the middle of the snowboard. The goal of the 3D wave is to deliver the stability of a carver and the flex of a freestyle in an all mountain package. 

The Snake Transition 3D wave sits under and between the bindings, giving the the board amazing control and response, even on icy and hard surfaces, while maintaining flex. Riding a flexible all mountain down any terrain means you have the pop to tackle the biggest jumps and the strength to ride out the landings.

With Snake Transition, Contract has kept this pop without the loss of torsional rigidity. Greater torsional rigidity offers more stability at speed and allows better grip in all conditions.  The Snake has its own bite on the snow, making it harder to catch an edge and improves your carving response. 

Unconvinced by the parameters of traditional board design, Contract realized that length was not the key to stability but overall surface area in contact with the snow was instead. Much like a carver or alpine snowboard, Snake Transition gives you more snow contact, allowing you to achieve stability at speed with a shorter, more manageable snowboard. 

The snowboards also include Contract's T.R.I.P Technology where the rails of the tip and tail are inverted. This inversion makes it easy to initiate turns and ride straight without literally tripping over yourself. All of Contract's snowboards are handmade in Poland. 


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