Skhoop Insulated Skirt 

One of my favorite companies from the Scandinavian Village at Outdoor Retailer had to be SKHOOP. Based in Åre, a village in the mountains of Sweden, SKHOOP has created a collection of insulated skirts, stuffed with either down or synthetic fill, that quickly zip on and off.  

SKHOOP was started by Sissi Kewenter who wanted something quick to throw on to keep her from getting a cold butt and legs when she went to the mailbox in the winter. "You don't go out without a jacket when it's cold as you don't want to freeze your body. For me it's the same with the skirt- I don't like to freeze my butt off," said Kewenter.  

SKHOOP Insulated Skirt

The newest skirt to the SKHOOP collection is the Mini. The shortest and most versatile of all their skirts, the Mini works great for jogging, cross country skiing, ski touring, sledding or just throwing on over jeans or tights in order to stay warm. The Mini has as dual zipper in front and a single zip in back with two zippered front pockets. The insulated skirt is made out of 100% nylon with 60 grams of insulation. 

SKHOOP sells thousands of skirts throughout Scandinavia and through their first US retail locations in Alaska. The company has increased their collection to included insulated ski pants and vests, fleece, hats and more. Sissi's friend Osa Detrick imports the skirts to Alaska and also sells them on her own website. The Mini retails for $89. 

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  1. Have you tried one of these? I have to say I kind of laughed when I saw it. I love skirts and insulated clothing as much as the next person, but I don’t know that this insulated skirt would be that practical. Your butt is still going to get cold from the wind whipping up underneath it, isn’t it? But, interesting idea, plus it’s kind of cute!

    Really enjoy your reviews. Keep ’em coming, please!

  2. Hi Mariko. Thanks!! I did try one of the Minis on at the show but I haven’t worn it outside. My friends in Alaska swear by them though. The idea is for the skirts to be thrown on over your pants or running tights for extra warmth- just like you throw a jacket on over your top clothes. The longer the skirt I imagine the warmer your legs will be but the Mini is nice just to keep your behind a little warmer! 🙂

  3. I have looked at these skirts for a couple years and just couldn’t put down the $$. $189 for the long down SKHOOP I wanted. Well, all that changed with our early Nov. cold snap. I broke trail on the Barber Cabin winter route, got so chilly stopping for 5 minutes at the cabin, too hard to take my ski boots off and put on my insulated pants, chilled way down. That’s it, I went to AMH and bought the long down SKHOOP. I LOVE IT! On my next venture out after sweating up a storm, I unzipped one side zipper and slipped the SKHOOP on over my boots and tights. The warmth enveloped me immediately. Upon heading home I kept the SKHOOP on long enough to begin a little sweat, then slipped it off and away I went. Two side zippers allow for easy off and on. One side zip has a 2-way zipper and the other side zip has a one way zipper from the bottom. This allows for zipping up from the bottom on both sides if you want to hike or ski with the SKHOOP on, though it’s not too easy to skate ski with it on due to the long length, but works well classic skiing and hiking. The 2 front zip pockets are nice pockets to warm hands quickly, big enough and loose enough to not notice a bangle of keys, snack, chapstick. The elastic waist band in the back is Great, I don’t even notice an elastic feel, it gives a smooth comfy fit, allows for easy tucking in of shirts.

    I love to venture out with nylon skorts over my tights, hides my butt,adds a layer of warmth, and gives me a chic feel. I purchased my 2nd SKHOOP, the mini. Rather expensive but I love it. I use it a lot over my tights, it’s a real butt warmer, sometimes too much, but then all’s I have to do is unzip the front zip from the bottom for a little more breeze. I think the price could come down a bit if they didn’t have a zipper in the rear and one in the front, silly to have two on the mini. Same elastic back and zippered pockets as described above, except pockets are smaller on the mini but still allow for comfort when full. I have to confess though, I altered the skirt and added a contrasting 3/8″ trim to the bottom hem of my black mini. Would I buy again, you bet, I’m looking at getting the mini in Port color and I bought a mini for an outdoors girlfriend. I just wish my BD or Anniversary months were in the winter, my husband struggles with gift ideas, maybe I’ll try for a Valentine’s mini in the Port color.

  4. Hi Queenie Rennie,

    Awesome! Thanks so much for the great review of your two different SKHOOP skirts. Sounds like you really like both lengths for different purposes. I too am saving up some money to buy one! I will probably start with the Mini as it’s not quite cold enough here in CA to warrant the longer down one but they look so great!

    Thanks so much again for your comments!


  5. Hi Amy,
    Take a look at their mid length SKHOOP also, it might work for you as well as the mini, I haven’t tried that one yet but am sure as I save up the $$ I will get one. These are the Greatest winter addition to my gear I’ve had since…um, gosh, I’m so hooked on them I’m having a difficult time thinking of what another great addition was. Probably my sheepskin mittens from NZ for when it’s really chilly. Also, the long synthetic SKOOP might work for you in Calif, wouldn’t be as hot as the down…

  6. Thanks Irene- I will definitely check out the mid length. Will most likely be another one to add to my wish list!! Glad to hear you love your SKHOOP too. Amy

  7. maybe I am too easy a mark, having worn shorts year round and not skirts,….but wow,… now that I have experienced,….I don’t know what it is,…and I don’t care,…in fact I like that I don’t know why,…why they feel so good,…but WOW,…I love my SKHoop. There is just something about the feeling,…the slippery nylon, the temp differential of fresh air and warmth?? the freedom feeling even better than a baggy pair of shorts. Typical of my experiences,…today, (april 10), I am swimming in Lake Superior, after which, this is a great ‘cover up’ and post swim garment for those who might be offended by my bare butt.

  8. I intend on buying one of these for my 3 sisters near the great lakes. I love having a Skhoop ‘coat’ for my lower half thats great looking and oh so warm. (I own two!) While I taught elementary school I often chose to wear outfits with fashionable longer fuller skirts and tights, so usually my legs were quite warm on ‘playground duty’ days. Other teachers wore casual knit or twill style pants and froze. When I saw the Skhoop, bingo – another scientific ‘skirt’ layering theory proved up. Thank you in advance for expanding color and design selections for practical women of all ages & sizes. Could I suggest a dark navy? or deep brown? p.s. I’m tall.

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