SKHOOP Insulated Skirts

Skhoop Insulated Skirt 

One of my favorite companies from the Scandinavian Village at Outdoor Retailer had to be SKHOOP. Based in Åre, a village in the mountains of Sweden, SKHOOP has created a collection of insulated skirts, stuffed with either down or synthetic fill, that quickly zip on and off.  

SKHOOP was started by Sissi Kewenter who wanted something quick to throw on to keep her from getting a cold butt and legs when she went to the mailbox in the winter. "You don't go out without a jacket when it's cold as you don't want to freeze your body. For me it's the same with the skirt- I don't like to freeze my butt off," said Kewenter.  

SKHOOP Insulated Skirt

The newest skirt to the SKHOOP collection is the Mini. The shortest and most versatile of all their skirts, the Mini works great for jogging, cross country skiing, ski touring, sledding or just throwing on over jeans or tights in order to stay warm. The Mini has as dual zipper in front and a single zip in back with two zippered front pockets. The insulated skirt is made out of 100% nylon with 60 grams of insulation. 

SKHOOP sells thousands of skirts throughout Scandinavia and through their first US retail locations in Alaska. The company has increased their collection to included insulated ski pants and vests, fleece, hats and more. Sissi's friend Osa Detrick imports the skirts to Alaska and also sells them on her own website. The Mini retails for $89. 

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