Tell Your Wet Gear To Stuffitts

Stuffits for Dry Gear

Tired of lacing up damp, smelly running shoes, hiking shoes or climbing boots? Check out Georgia based company Stuffitts. Started by ultra runner Mike Huebner, Stuffitts shoe inserts absorb nearly 100% of wetness and odor causing bacteria, doing most of the work in under an hour. 

The Stuffitts shoe savers are constructed of two separate pieces- an outer shell and an inner core. Both pieces are surrounded by moisture wicking technical fabric. The inner core is stuffed with highly absorbent and aromatic Eastern red cedar. 

When the Stuffitts are placed inside your shoes, the technical fabric of the outer shell rapidly wicks moisture out of your shoes and into the inner cedar core. Stuffitts are said to dry your totally soaked shoes by 62% in under one hour.

I wish I had a pair of these in time for my ice climbing trip in a couple of weeks. My one question is how quickly does the inner cedar core dry out after use? If it dries out relatively quickly, I can see these becoming an essential part of my mountaineering gear. The inner liners of my mountaineering boots always get soaked after a day of climbing and I find vapor barrier socks useless. The Stuffitts would be a great way to help dry out those liners in your sleeping bag overnight.  

The Company recommends you replace the inner cedar core every 6 months or so depending on how often you use them to dry gear and the outer shell is machine washable. A pair of Stuffitts costs $24.95 and the replacement cedar core just $9.95. Both are available to order from the Company's website. I think the Company should look at making glove Stuffitts next! I could really use some of those! 

(via Life On The Run)

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