GoLite Offers Complete Operational Transparency

GoLite Environmental Transparency

Earning an A+ level of reporting from the Global Reporting Initiative, GoLite's 2009 Sustainability Report is setting the transparency benchmark high for the rest of the outdoor industry. The 157 page report offers a comprehensive review of not only the Company's environmental footprint but every aspect of GoLite's operations from employee practices to community initiatives. GoLite is hoping their first report effort will now inspire other outdoor companies to do the same.

GoLite is striving to eliminate or mitigate 100% of its environmental footprint and to be a model company in how they treat their people and community. The Company's long term objective is to aim past neutrality and become net positive to the environment and people across their entire chain of operations. 

Greater than 60% of GoLite's climate impact comes from the materials in their products. For every full-time employee, there are over 100 people working in the factories that build GoLite products. These two areas will become the core focus of GoLite's sustainability work. 

GoLite has already moved to reduce their materials footprint with the launch of Tier 1 recycled nylons and polyesters in all of their main pack fabrics, travel luggage and sleeping bag collections. Their major new initiatives for 2010 will be the GoLite Index, which rates every product for its level of environmentally preferred materials, responsible production and end-of-life programs, as well as the Product Take-Back Program where GoLite will take back any unwanted GoLite item to be recycled or repurposed. 

GoLite has set even higher sustainability goals for 2015:

1. Use 100% environmentally preferred materials in their product line

2. Continue to achieve compliance with their factory fair labor Code of Conduct

3. Have a majority of factories at Partner status

4. Achieve a 25% reduction in their materials-based carbon intensity

5. Continue to be 100% carbon neutral through greenhouse gas reductions and carbon offsets

6. Have a zero waste headquarters using 100% renewable energy

7. Achieve 100% employee participation in the company Alternative Transport Program

GoLite's Co-Founder and Chief Sustainability Officer, Kim Coupounas, said, "Building a sustainable business is an expression of our brand essence and our passion. It's also good for our planet, good for our customers, and good for our business."

GoLite is inviting members of the public to review their report and offer honest feedback via email, forums or social marketing. So have a read and let them know what you think! This is transparency at its best. 


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