Atomic Launches PIQ Training Bar From Yibb

Atomic PIQ Training Bar from Yibb

Atomic Snowboarding launched the new PIQ Training Bar that makes it fun, fast and easy to learn how to snowboard. An educational system for beginner snowboarders of all ages, the technology was developed by Dutch company Yibb. Learning how to snowboard isn't always a pleasant experience but the PIQ Training Bar will reduce your fatigue and chances of injuries while you get the hang of the movement.

Two rubber topped handle bars are fixed to the Atomic snowboard via a baseplate with toothed ring, similar to the Atomic PIQ Bindings. Rubber joints connect the bar to the baseplate making the bar very flexible and virtually indestructible if stepped on. Using the PIQ Training Bar means you can jump on and off the board when you feel like it. Your feet do not need to be fixed to the board because you can use your hands to hold on and help steer. 

Atomic PIQ Training Bar from Yibb

Most importantly, you can step off whenever you feel you are about to lose control and if you do fall, your feet are not locked in place, making it easier to stand up again. Not having fixed feet positions makes it so much easier to ride the chairlift as well, especially for beginner snowboarders. The PIQ Training Bar is setup so it helps you adopt the right posture and also more precisely control your turns with the help of both your hands and feet. 

The PIQ Training Bar is totally compatible with Atomic's PIQ Binding systems. This way you can start with the Training Bar and quickly transition to the Traditional PIQ Bindings without having to buy a new snowboard.  A leash attached to the back bar ensures you won't see your snowboard going flying off down the hill without you. 

The Atomic PIQ Training Bar may mean the end of soggy and bruised behinds while you learn how to snowboard! 

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