Blackriver-Ramps Fingerboard Equipment

Blackriver-Ramps Fingerboard Equipment 

German company Blackriver-Ramps has actively and systematically been creating the fingerboard scene for the past ten years. The Company believes that fingerboarding- skateboarding with your fingers- is a way to bring skateboarding further into your life. Very popular in German speaking Europe, Blackriver-Ramps is hoping fingerboarding soon will become a worldwide professional sport. 

Blackriver-Ramps started by constructing high-end wooden fingerboard ramps in their workshop in Bavaria. They are focused on precision and authentic details in their work and use only the finest materials. Ramps come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be bought individually or as an entire fingerboard park. Different ramp obstacles include such things as pipes, stairs and railings.  The picnic table is one of the company's best sellers. 

Blackriver-Ramps fingerboard equipment

Blackriver-Ramps believes that fingerboard parks can create a scene where kids or anyone can come together, hang out and have fun practicing their hobby- similar to and an extension of the skateboarding scene. The company would love to see fingerboard parks included in indoor skateparks, youth centers, schools, and skateshops. The coolest fingerboard parks have to be those hand sculpted from stone, which are meant for more public spaces. 

The Blackriver-Ramps collection features everything you need to get started with fingerboarding including a variety of lines of fingerboards, clothing and accessories such as griptape and decals. 

This was the first time I ever saw fingerboarding at ISPO. Any of you tried it or seen it before? Check out the amazing young fingerboarders below. Those are some mean skills!

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