O-Synce Smart Navigation And Head-Up-Display

O-synce smart navigation and head-up-display

German company o-synce offers a wide range of portable micro electronic products and sensors for outdoor, cycling and fitness. The Company's philosophy is based on simplicity, less is more and one device fits all. The new NAVI2Move smart navigation device made the finals of the ISPO Brand New Awards and o-synce has a couple of innovative projects in the works including the DATA4vision head-up-display. 

The NAVI2Move is a light (only 45 grams!), compact and stylish smart navigation device. The large display shows various GPS data such as speed, altitude and distance. An electromagnetic compass and simple (free!) Google Maps aid you with orientation. The NAVI2Move is small enough to fit in your pocket and the battery will last for up to 12 hours. 

The NAVI2Move uses waypoints for navigation. Simply create your route using Google Maps and upload your planned trip to your device. The NAVI2Move will then guide you along your route using the smart arrow system pointing you in the direction and distance to where you want to go.  

The NAVI2Move can be used as a standalone model, a road racing mount with controls on the handlebars, a mountain bike mount with controls close to the shifters or with the SMART2control glove seen above.  The SMART2control glove has a unique 3-button remote control situated on the pointer finger which enables you to control the device by simply using your thumb. 

Data4vision o-synce head-up-display 

One of o-synce's cool new projects is the DATA4vision head-up-display. Built into a visor, a small screen just above your field of vision displays your training data in real time. Simply glance up and see information such as time of day, distance, speed and trip length. The DATA4vision is still a prototype but hopefully will be out before this time next year. 


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