Recon Snow2 Heads Up Display

Recon Snow2

Just in time for the start of snowsport season, Recon releases a new version of their popular snow goggle Heads Up Display. Incrementally named Snow2, the updated device features vastly increased processing power, battery life, and enhanced connectivity options.

With a brand new operating platform and dual-core processor, the Snow2 HUD adds three times the processing power and increases the battery life by 35% over the previous generation. You will be able to better read the graphics while barreling down the slopes with enhanced brightness, contrast, and general screen readability.

Similar to the original HUD, the Snow2 features five top level screens that give you access to real-time stats, navigation, buddy tracking, smartphone connectivity, apps, and music player control. Worn on your arm, the Bluetooth Low Energy remote allows you to easily navigate through the various display options on the HUD. 

Recon Snow2

Recorded stats include your speed, vertical feet, jump airtime, altitude, and distance traveled. To keep you from hitting a tree or another skier, advanced gaze detection ensures the Snow2 display is only on when you look directly at it.

Recon added WiFi to the Snow2 and worked together with Apple for a better iPhone experience. When paired with your iPhone or Android phone, the HUD's built-in GPS enables you to navigate resort maps, see where you have ridden, and find your friends on the mountain. You can also receive texts, display your calls, and access your music controls all from within the HUD. 

As with previous versions of Recon’s snow related HUD, Snow2 has been designed to work with goggles from Oakley, Smith, Scott, Uvex, Alpina, Briko, and Zeal. The Snow2 is also available for sale as a stand-alone unit for $399.

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