GoBandit GPS HD Action Cam

Gobandit GPS HD Action Cam 

Debuting at ISPO, the new action cam from German company GoBandit not only records HD quality video but is the world's first helmet cam to include GPS technology. Now all of you adrenaline junkies can display your top speeds or altitudes and integrate performance related data directly into your action video footage. 

Measuring only 105 x 62 x 34 mm and weighing 145 grams, the GoBandit camera combines high definition video (720p) and GPS related performance data into one, compact device. A variety of mounting brackets make the action cam easy to attach to your helmet, goggles, bike, surfboard or other sports equipment. 

Using advanced GPS technology in conjunction with unique software algorithms, the action cam records your performance data in 3D, not just on a horizontal plane like standard GPS. 2GB of memory is included, with a removable SD card slot for further memory requirements up to 32GB. The action cam will also take 5MP HD still pictures. The camera display shows current speed and altitude as well as battery status and satellite reception.

GoBandit GPS HD Action Cam

The GoBandit action cam comes with video editing software that enables you to enhance your video with a variety of skins. The skins display information that was recorded such as location, altitude and speed, directly overlaid on your video. You can then upload your videos to any social networking site such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or even the GoBandit website. You will now have proof of skiing 70 mph downhill and can see your tracks and trails in real time! 

The GoBandit GPS HD helmet cam will be available starting in March throughout Europe, the US and Australia. Register online at GoBandit to be one of the first to get one!

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