Blizzard IQ Power Shock Absorption Skis

Blizzard Shock Absorption Skis

Austrian ski manufacturer Blizzard was inspired by the automotive industry to add shock absorption technology to their 2010/2011 line of skis. Using a combination of dampening full suspension and carbon fiber struts, the IQ-Power line will give you a smoother and safer ride. The innovative Blizzard skis were awarded the European Ski Award at ISPO this year. 

The intelligent shock absorption system includes the IQ Power full suspension technology together with the Carbon Power Booster. IQ Power is a visibly integrated piston-oil suspension system which eliminates unwanted oscillation and substantially improves riding comfort. Blizzard skis with the shock absorption technology have been shown to be 10 times more effective at vibration dampening than conventional skis. The IQ Power ski thus offers better control at high speeds. 

The Carbon Power Booster is made up of carbon fiber struts running the length of the ski and connecting into the IQ Power shock absorption system. This design distributes power along the entire length of the skis and results in smooth handling and more responsive edge grip. The Carbon Power Booster helps to create more dynamic, precise handling and about 30% more rebound or resilience of the ski. 

Blizzard will bring three ski models with the IQ Power intelligent shock absorption system to market for the 2010/2011 season. A Race Carver, Carver High Performance and All-Mountain will make up the line of athletic skiers with top performance and excellent handling characteristics. The IQ-Power skis will retail for around €1050.

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