Loki Gear Multifunctional Outerwear

Loki Outerwear with built in mitts and face shield 

Colorado company Loki Gear designs versatile outerwear and accessories with the philosophy that each item should perform more than a single function. This multifunctional gear means less stuff to carry and ultimately a safer outdoor experience. 

Founded by Seth Anderson with the help of his brother Dirk, the original product for the company was the patented Loki Hat. The fleece hat has a built in neck gaiter that you can pull down over your face for full coverage or further collapse to wear simply as a mask or even neck gaiter. Loki Gear has since designed and patented many more innovative features which are included in their growing outerwear and accessories line. 

The cornerstone of the Loki outerwear collection is the line of jackets with built in Face Shield and Mitts. These convenient features are unnoticeable when not deployed but are at the ready when the weather hits. 

The Mitts are conveniently and inconspicuously stowed on the underside of the cuff. To deploy the Loki Mitt, simply pull the sleeve over your hand and insert your thumb in the thumb slot. Squeeze your thumb to your fingers to form a ring, then pull the mitt cover from the wrist of the sleeve to the back of your hand. You have an instant mitt that you can never lose, never forget or never drop. 

A Face Shield sewn in at the midpoints of the hood allows for full or partial face covering.  To deploy, just grab the Face Shield inside the back hood, pull the Face Shield over your head, and pull your hood up for full coverage in bad weather. The Face Shield remains an unnoticeable bit of fabric behind the head when not needed. 

Some of the jackets are designed with an additional handy feature of a built in lumbar pack. When the weather turns nice and you don't need your jacket anymore, simply unzip the back zipper and turn the lumbar pocket inside out to form a mini backpack with extra pocket storage. The back lumbar pocket can be used to store extra items while you are wearing the jacket. 

The Loki outerwear collection includes many different jacket styles and fabrics from pullover hoodies to softshells and hard shells. You can order Loki Gear online from their website or from various retailers across the US. 

Check out the video of rep Brian Felse showing me the new Tak Light Shell with all the cool Loki features!

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