Outdoor Technology’s Fashionable Outdoor Accessories

Outdoor Technology Eco-Friendly Fashionable outdoor products

Newcomer to the outdoor industry is LA based Outdoor Technology. In addition to driving around in an amazing vintage Air Stream, the company creates gear that blends their love of the outdoors with the pulse of Los Angeles. The result is a cutting edge, multifunctional and highly fashionable outdoor accessory line.

Outdoor Technology Yowie

Outdoor Technology's popular Yowie is a line of multifunctional headwear named after Australia's answer to the Yeti or Bigfoot. Similar to a Buff, the Yowie can be worn as a face mask, neck warmer, helmet liner, beanie, headband, you name it. The Yowie is made from wicking, stretchy material and comes in super fashionable patterns such as the Code Breaker and Captain Awesome.  

The Arctic Yowie is the same as the original but with a fleece extender to add warmth for those super cold days. The Yowies retail for $7.99 and the Arctic Yowies for $9.99. 

Outdoor Technology Tyvek Wallet
Outdoor Technology has just released a cool line of wallets made out of Tyvek, the durable, paper like material used for Priority Mail and Express Mail envelopes. The wallets are waterproof, rip resistant and come with 4 slots for your credit cards and cash. 

Tyvek is gaining popularity in ultralight and lightweight backpacking circles for use as a groundcloth or tarp. The material is lighter, cheaper and packs smaller than a regular polypropylene tarp. At $5.95 the wallet is both affordable and fashionable!

Upcoming products include stainless steel water bottles, carabiner mugs, $10 paper fold out speakers, and bluetooth earphones with bluetooth adapter so you can listen to your tunes wirelessly on the slopes. 

Become a fan of The GearCaster on Facebook for a chance to win your own Yowie! We will be giving away Yowies regularly for the next couple of weeks. 

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