Can A Hologram Give You Better Balance?

Power Balance

Definitely one of the most popular booths at ISPO was that of California company Power Balance. Everyday, the booth was packed with people, like the guy above, testing out the Company's hologram technology wristbands to see if they did indeed improve their balance. So is there a science behind the wristbands or is it all psychological?

Power Balance develops wristbands and pendants equipped with a mylar hologram disc embedded with naturally occurring frequencies found in nature that have been know to react positively with your body's energy field. This helps promote strength, balance, flexibility and overall wellness.

Holograms are generally used in optical applications generating 3D images of objects out of light waves. Electron holography is the application of the holography technique to electron waves rather than light waves. Power Balance claims that the natural, beneficial frequencies captured and stored in their holograms interact with your body's energy field to improve flow throughout your body. 

Power Balance hologram technology

The wristbands come in neoprene and silicone versions and retail for $29.95. The holograms are also available in stainless steel and sterling silver pendants for $29.95 and $59.95 respectively. 

I am not sure where I would place these wristbands alongside other new performance enhancement products such as the sports mouth guards or the Far Infrared Wave emitting PICTURE technical clothing we posted about earlier. What do you think-is it science? psychological? hype? 

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