Uvex Magnetic Lens and LCD Ski Goggles

Uvex Magnetic Lens Ski Goggles

While you ski or snowboard, the constantly changing light conditions on the slopes make it hard to see the terrain in snow or cloudy weather while forcing you to squint when the sun comes out. German company Uvex has come out with some innovative ski goggle technology that solves the alternating light problem without you having to carry one or more pair of ski goggles.

The new Uvex “Take-Off” goggles are designed with an integrated orange base lens fitted with mini magnets. This base ‘gold lite’ lens comes with the legendary Uvex blue light filter for enhanced contrast during bad visibility conditions, giving you a clearer view. Also integrated into the lens is a 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC protection filter along with a fog-resistant coating.

When the bright sun comes out, simply pull out of your pocket and click on the dark ‘silver mirror’ outer lens and your goggles instantly transform into sun ski goggles with stage 3 protection. The darker lens is made from Makrolon, a very flexible, scratch resistant and unbreakable high-tech substance from Bayer (the same product that makes up the Makboard). You no longer have to carry two sets of ski goggles or even sunglasses while you ride. Simply snap off the outer lens when you encounter some fog, snow or bad weather and store it back in your pocket.

The Uvex “Take-Off” ski goggles with retail for €139.95 and be available in the Fall 2010.
Uvex Variotronic electric ski goggles

The Uvex UVISION Variotronic electric ski goggles use state of the art liquid crystal display (LCD) technology sandwiched between a double lens. By simply pushing a button on the top of the goggles, a low voltage is delivered to the liquid crystals, making the lens 20% darker. This way you can instantly switch from a high contrast lens ideal for flat light to a darker lens ideal for bright, sunny conditions.

Originally developed for the US Air Force, the electronic LCD ski goggles are a vast improvement over today’s glasses and goggles that use photochromic systems for automatic darkening. The change in darkness level is not at all UV or temperature dependent, meaning you can change them regardless of the external conditions.

The UVEX Uvision Magic Goggle as it is called in the US is available today and retails for $250.

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