Manic Suspension Snowboard Bindings

Manic Suspension Snowboard Binding

New California company Manic has developed the world’s first true suspension snowboard binding. Made out of magnesium with titanium springs, the bindings are light and strong. Called the Massive Pop 1.0, the suspension snowboard bindings allow you to ride chatter and jolt free.

The patented SnowKush Technology suspension system uses titanium springs between magnesium base plates and footbeds. By simply using an allen wrench, you can adjust the springs for as firm or cushy a ride as you want. Three different spring strengths are available depending on your weight and the type of riding you do.

Everything you ride such as cars, motorcycles, and bikes have suspension so why not snowboard bindings? Suspension is there to improve handling, comfort and safety. On a snowboard, the system eliminates chatter, giving you a better feel for your board and the terrain. The bindings also absorb shock from major air landings reducing the chance of injury. The springs help to provide lift and virtually eliminate heel and toe drag. That added lift gives you leverage and torque which means you can pull the same cool moves with less effort.

Manic got its start in a backyard motocross shop after founder Carl Lindemann suffered a major heel bruise and couldn’t stand riding on normal snowboard bindings. He used his experience as a professional motocross racer to figure out a way to add a spring suspension systems to his bindings.

Magnesium is 35% lighter than aluminum and 40% stronger. It also absorbs 16 times more shock and is stiffer, giving you more pop when riding. Both the titanium springs and magnesium plates are 100% recyclable.

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