NOW Binding Looks To Transform Snowboard Industry

Now IPO snowboard binding

Canadian company NOW Snowboarding is hoping to transform the industry's approach to snowboard bindings. Inspired by skateboard design, the NOW IPO snowboard binding moves with your foot as you ride, resulting in better edge control, more responsiveness, increased comfort, and less chance for foot pain.

Created by snowboarder JF Pelchat, the NOW IPO binding is built around a pivoting disc that attaches directly to your board. This disc moves with your foot, allowing the baseplate to rock back and forth as you turn. 

Regular fixed snowboard bindings dissipate energy through the baseplate resulting in a loss of power. By contrast, the IPO bindings transfer energy directly to the edge of the board as they move. Less effort is required to make a turn, leaving each run more enjoyable and less tiring. 

Four urethane pads sit on the bottom of the four corners of the baseplate, absorbing the flex of the board. These pads help dampen the ride and diffuse chatter when you hit a choppy or icy patch. The high back of the snowboard binding can also be snapped off if not wanted, while still securely holding your boot in place. 

The NOW IPO bindings will hit the shelves next fall. 


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