Victorinox Secure Pro Unhackable USB Drive Knife

Victorinox Secure Pro Unhackable USD Drive Knife

Just in case you want to play James Bond and bring some top secret spy files with you in the backcountry this summer, Victorinox has released the Secure Pro Swiss Army Knife with an "unhackable" USB Drive. With a $150,000 prize on the table and two hours to try, even the world's best hackers have been unable to break the code. 

The USB drive features 256 bit encryption together with Victorinox's patented single chip technology. The single chip is what makes cracking the hardware virtually impossible. Further security layers include biometric fingerprint recognition technology with a thermal sensor. This way someone could not hack off your finger and use it later to open your USB drive. 

Like any good spy device, the Victorinox USB drive has been made tamper proof. Any attempt to pry it open will enlist a self-destruct mechanism that burns up the CPU and memory chip. So make sure you don't drop it down the side of the mountain or crag! 

The secure USB drive is removable and will be available in three different sizes ranging from 8GB to 32GB. The Swiss Army Knife portion of the Victorinox Secure Pro includes an LED Mini White Light, retractable ball point pen, blade, scissors, nail file, screwdriver and key ring. 

If you wanted to take your Swiss Army Knife from the backcountry to the boardroom, two more editions of the Secure Pro add remote bluetooth access, laser pointer for presentations and the ability to remove the blade to get it through airport security. 

The Victorinox Secure Pro sells for $75 for the 8GB version up to $270 for the 32GB version. 

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