Daymak Shadow Wireless E-Bike

Shadow Wireless E-Bike 

Not willing to accept the possible malfunctions and breakdowns of current e-bikes caused by loose contacts or weak controllers, Canadian company Daymak decided to take matters into their own hands. The company designed their own patent pending drive controller technology with wireless support and ultimately their own complete Shadow wireless e-bike for a more resilient, efficient and faster ride.

A normal e-bike has over 40 feet of wire exposed on the outside of the bike, making for many possible malfunction points. The Shadow e-bike has been designed to have absolutely no wires on the outside of the bike. Through a proprietary bike rim design, the 36V lithium battery and new Daymak Drive controller are integrated all into one unit within the rim. 

The new Daymak Drive controller communicates directly via wireless to the throttle, brake lever and pedal assist.  First of its kind, the controller also delivers more torque, better battery management, regenerative brakes and dual motor support.

Shadow wireless e-bike

The wireless throttle works the same as any normal throttle. You press the lever and a wireless signal is sent to the controller to turn on the motor. The same action applies to the brake. By pressing another lever, the wireless signal tells the controller to stop the motor. The brake signal is sent in reverse, which regenerates the battery as a result. 

The wireless pedal assist is an option that can be removed or installed in a matter of minutes. Like the throttle and brake, the pedal assist talks directly to the Daymak Drive controller. No details yet on the exact wireless standard used in the controller and therefore possible interference issues. 

With the battery integrated inside, the rim can also be used as a power generator. The rim has a dual USB/110V Plug slot where you can charge your phone, laptop, a light, coffee maker or just about anything you like! 

Daymak will produce a run of 300 Shadow wireless e-bikes for their first shipment in June. The company is taking pre-orders today for the e-bikes, which will retail for $1499 and ship anywhere in North America for $150. 

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