URB-E Compact Personal E-Vehicle For Your Commute

URB-E Compact Personal E-Vehicle

Bringing your bike on public transport is not always an easy task. Rush hour crowds or lack of secure bike parking at the office can hamper your best intentions for a car-free commute. Folding up to the size of a carry-on, the incredibly compact URB-E acts as your go-anywhere personal e-vehicle to get you those last few miles to and from your destination.

The URB-E uses a three wheel trike design for stability and maneuverability at low speeds, perfect for navigating heavy pedestrian traffic. The two rear wheels also serve as a very stable way to roll the 27lbs URB-E around while in its folded position, similar to pulling a piece of luggage behind you.

Using a simple finger throttle, the URB-E is capable of reaching speeds up to 15mph and will run for up to 20 miles on one charge. The Lithium-Ion battery takes around 3 hours to recharge.

A universal smartphone holder enables you to charge your phone as you ride. The external USB plug also allows you to use the URB-E’s battery to charge any additional devices such as a laptop or iPad while you ride the bus.

There are plenty of optional accessories for your URB-E, including a luggage rack, wheel fenders, shoulder strap, wireless bluetooth speakers, handlebar bell, cup holder, and a custom URB-E briefcase. The URB-E comes in both the trike Commuter and a two-wheeled GP version for those who want to add a little more spice to their commute. For $799, you can be one of the first to own an URB-E personal e-vehicle.

I wish this was around when I lived in London, as it would have been the perfect commuter solution. My office was less than 6 miles from home but could take up to an hour on the Tube and bike commuting was a difficult prospect at the time.

Thoughts on the URB-E versus a folding bike or even folding e-bike? More user friendly perhaps?

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