7 Adventure Dog Essentials For 2014


Anyone who owns an adventure dog knows that they need just as much gear for playing outdoors as we do. Packing up for a weekend away with your furry friend can be as gear intensive as traveling with a small child. Here is a list of the 7 essential gear items that any self-respecting adventure dog needs this year. 

1. Fishpond Westwater Dog Bed ($89.95): Soft and warm fleece on the top, durable and waterproof nylon on the bottom, the Westwater makes the perfect go anywhere camping bed for your dog. An internal inflatable sleeping pad adds some extra warmth for cold nights and comfort against uneven ground or aging bones.  

2. Dublin Dog Nomad Travel Bowls ($24.95): There is nothing worse than having to dump out perfectly good water just to feed your dog, or worse yet- soggy kibble. The dual set, leak-proof Nomad Travel Bowls are the on-the-go water and food solution every adventure dog should carry. The bowls both collapse down and zip together for no fuss transport. 

3. D-fa Dogs Sub-Woofer ($119.95): This softshell jacket keeps key joints and organs warm and helps regulate body temperature during periods of work and play in cool and wet conditions. Windproof, water resistant and breathable, the Sub-Woofer is for the adventure dog that likes to get after it regardless the weather. 

4. Cordura Booties ($2.50 per bootie): When playing outside in the winter, your dog's feet are at risk of frostbite and damage from salt. With numerous dog boot varieties on offer from Minnesota based Dog Booties, the majority of sled dogs prefer the simple, colorful, and lightweight booties made from 330 Denier Cordura fabric. Lola protested at first, but was later quite happy to not have snow and ice balling up in her pads. 

5. Ruffwear K-9 Float Coat ($79.95): Whether canoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding or simply swimming with your dog, make sure they stay safe with this purpose-built life jacket. A durable handle makes it easy to lift your dog out of the water after she goes for a quick dip or chase game with some fish. 

6. Dublin Dog Koa Collar ($28): All style and no stink, the KOA waterproof collars from Dublin Dog will quickly become your second best friend. Rinsing clean in just seconds, the Trout themed collars will ensure your adventure dog personifies his outdoor cred. 

7. Ruffwear Kibble Kaddie ($39.95): This travel friendly food storage system not only holds 10L or 42 cups of kibble (enough for 2 weeks of food for Lola), but makes for no mess dispensing with a magnetic sealed side pour spout. The roll top closure reduces the bag volume as your dog eats each day and protects the contents from getting wet. A mesh front pocket is the perfect place for storing those Nomad Travel Bowls. 

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