HippyTree Eco-Friendly Surf And Climbing Apparel

Hippy Tree Surf and Climbing Apparel

HippyTree is an eco-conscious surf and climbing apparel manufacturer inspired by nature and its contemporary form. The company is looking to challenge the industry standard in design and communications by exploring new possibilities in the artist-label-consumer relationship. Originally targeted towards the surfing scene, HippyTree believes there is a growing youth culture in the outdoor industry that would rather not wear the same brands as their parents. 

The HippyTree collection includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, wovens, polos, denims, pants, and accessories such as hats and beanies. For the current Spring-Summer collection, HippyTree released their first eco-friendly boardshort fabricated with 100% recycled polyester, along with their first walk short and woven button up. One of my favorite pieces in their new collection is the Silverstein T-Shirt seen below.

HippyTree Siverstein T-Shirt

HippyTree prides itself on its green origins. Since launching out of a Hermosa Beach garage in 2003, founder Andrew Sarnecki and the rest of the team have focused on using sustainable materials including recycled polyester and organic cotton while running eco-friendly projects such as hangtags and catalogs printed on recycled paper.

A few years ago, HippyTree began the Drop Trees campaign. Even though it is technically illegal, HippyTree started encouraging people to become a Drop Trees Activist and hang any object with a green tree sticker from an electric or telephone wire. The objective was to change people's perception of nature. Not quite sure how hanging a tree from a wire does that but….

Eastern Mountain Sports has just picked up the HippyTree line so expect see it online soon. Otherwise you can order your surf and climbing apparel from the HippyTree website as well as from select online Surf retailers.

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