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Kovi cycling community 

Debuting at Sea Otter last week, KOVI is looking to revolutionize the way bike manufacturers conduct product reviews and testing. KOVI operates a cycling community that provides manufacturers with structured, unbiased, anonymous product feedback. Founded by industry veteran Patrick Walters, he believed there had to be a better way of matching up the development needs of manufacturers and cycling enthusiasts.

KOVI brings together a community of cyclists who desire to test out the latest and most ground breaking products. Many of the products that KOVI will provide are still in development and not yet commercially available. As a member, the products you receive from KOVI will be brand agnostic and your identity will be protected from the manufacturer. 

One of the major benefits of full membership is that you will receive a new "Pro-Tour" bike each year. The bike is matched to your profile so the right fit is guaranteed. In addition to the bike, you will receive various products throughout the year to test such as cycling apparel, components and other bike accessories. You will be able to keep some of the products and the others will be returned to KOVI. 

Your job is to participate in the KOVI community and provide feedback on all the products you are testing. Active KOVI members may additionally be invited to events like training camps and VIP receptions with professional riders or industry insiders. 

KOVI offers a few levels of membership, but if you want your new Pro-Tour bike every year, you will have to anti up $2,500 to become a full member of Team KOVI. For $500 a year, you can sign up for the Club KOVI membership which gets you the KOVI riding kit and cycling gear at a discounted rate. Free Tour KOVI membership will give you access to release information on new products coming out on the market. 

KOVI believes that as a third party, they can gather truly unbiased feedback for manufacturers on new products and concepts since they have no affiliation to the brand. Manufacturers pay $3,500 to $10,000 per year depending on the amount of products they want tested. It appears that KOVI have already signed up SRAM for some new product concept testing.   

So head on over to the KOVI cycling community if you think you have what it takes!

(via BRAIN)

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