Turn Your iPad Into A Bike Indicator

iPad Bike Indicator 

To celebrate the launch of the iPad, design consultancy and technology research lab MAYA created a simple iPad application that can be worn by a cyclist as a back mounted display. The display acts as your own personal bike indicator, letting the traffic as well as any cyclist behind you know your intentions ahead of time. 

Called the MAYA Sprocket, the app uses the iPad's accelerometer to perform a few basic functions. The app can detect whether you are going to stop or slow down, then trigger a "Stopping" sign that will stay lit until you come to a complete stop. You can trigger a turn signal by simply leaning in the direction you plan to go and a pointed finger will blink until you complete your turn.

MAYA Sprocket iPad bike indicator

You can also bring up a few more colorful messages, such as "Back Off Buddy", by simply reaching back and tapping the screen. The MAYA Sprocket app should be available in the Apple App Store soon or you can contact the company if you would like to try out a beta version of the product. 

MAYA also provides you with a pattern and building instructions for your own Sprocket Pocket, as they call it, to mount your iPad bike indicator. The pocket is a rugged, sewn, industrial nylon patch with integrated zipper and protective screen overlay that can be ironed or sewn on to any garment. If you aren't handy with a sewing machine or can't be bothered to build your own, MAYA will be selling the Sprocket Pockets as well. 

The iPad back mounted display could be a great incentive to start riding tandem as you can catch up on the latest episode of Glee on your way into the office or even run your favorite Sufferfest video to help propel you through those long, scene-less stretches of highway. 

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