Less Stink With The North Face Sanitized Silver

The North Face Sanitized Silver

The North Face has teamed up with Swiss Company SANITIZED AG to treat their line of
training clothing

with an anti-stink substance called Sanitized Silver. Sanitized Silver acts as a built-in hygiene function to prevent bacteria, the microbes responsible for causing odor, from forming in your workout clothes as you sweat.

Sanitized Silver is a finishing treatment introduced during the manufacturing process of The North Face clothing. The treatment suppresses the reproduction of microbes, such as bacteria and fungi, and hinders both the unpleasant perspiration odors as well as material damage from mildew. Because your clothing remains fresh longer, you technically don't have to wash it as often and don't have to use such a high temperature during washing to kill bacteria.

After The North Face's run in with the EPA last Fall over their antimicrobial claims for silver treatments in certain footwear lines, the company has made sure to team up with environmental, health and safety standards body Bluesign to get their stamp of approval on the Sanitized Silver products. The North Face and Bluesign work closely with mills and fabric suppliers to evaluate and improve upon the chemical make-up of materials at the very beginning of the product development process. 

Sanitized Silver

You will be able to identify
The North Face products
treated with Sanitized Silver by the "Sanitized-More than clean" label including the Bluesign approved reference (seen above). You can see a variety of The North Face gear that includes Sanitized Silver below.  These clothes could be a good alternative to those of you who don't necessarily like wearing wool while working out but still want similar anti-stink benefits. 

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