Remote Controlled Wide Angle Action Camera

Drift Innovation X170 action camera

Another sports camera is making the rounds, this one from Drift Innovation. The X170 Action Camera has everything you need to capture your sports videos and take photos. Rugged and waterproof with a built in microphone and speaker, this action camera is versatile enough for any adventure. 

The X170 takes 720 x 480 pixel video with 5 MP photos. A 1.5" color LCD screen lets you playback your videos in all their glory. A wide angle 170 degree lens captures loads of action detail and once mounted, the lens can be rotated 300 degrees into the perfect shooting position. 

Probably one of the best features to distinguish this sports camera from all the others on the market is the RF remote control. As long as the remote is within a 5 m radius of the camera, the camera will pick up the remote control signal. This way you can operate your sports camera without having to reach blindly up on your head or take some remote, stationary footage. 

The X170 package includes a handlebar grip, goggle mount, helmet grip, head strap, velcro strap with industrial strength adhesive pad and a universal mount. The action camera takes 2 AA batteries. If you use Lithium batteries, you can get up to 4 1/2 hours of battery life. 

The camera uses 1GB of storage for every 30 minutes of video and accepts both SD and SDHC cards. Drift Innovation recommends using a 16 GB SD card but the company has tested up to a 32 GB which appears to work. An AV cable lets you playback your video on TV or you can download your videos to your computer via a USB cable, both included. 

The X170 action camera retails for $199.95. Given that you can get an HD quality sports camera for a similar price, it will be difficult to see how the remote control feature will make up for the big price/video quality differential. 

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