Solar Surfboard Charges Your Phone On Beach

Solar Powered Surfboard 

If you have ever sat on the beach after a great day out on the surf wishing you could charge your dead cell phone and iPod, well now you have a solution in the solar surfboard. Sure you could bring a portable solar panel to the beach to do the same job but how much cooler will you look just flipping your board over and plugging in your iPhone! 

Designed and patented by Tony Jones of Coral Reef Wetsuits, the 6-9 foot solar surfboards will come equipped with three, five or eight Watt photovoltaic (PV) panels depending on the size and model. The 5 Watt and 8 Watt solar panels come with a detachable battery pack so you can store energy while your board is soaking up the rays on the beach. 

The solar panel weighs just 5 ounces and rests on the bottom of the board. The solar panels are rugged and don't interfere with the board performance.  A small, water tight electric plug lets you hook up wires and adapters to charge your iPod, cell phone, or any other small accessories while you are hanging out on shore. 

The solar surfboards will go on sale after their planned approval in June and range in price from $659 for the 6 foot, 3 Watt series to $1095 for a 9 foot, 8 Watt board with battery pack. Tony even plans to have 10 foot and 12 foot solar Stand Up Paddleboards for $1695. 

And believe it or not- this is no April Fools post!


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