BioLite Adds New Solar Panel And Battery Packs

BioLite SolarPanel10+

Just in time for your spring adventures, BioLite expands its line of off-the-grid charging products. Adding a new solar panel and a series of battery packs, your gadgets can now be constantly checking in while you are checking out.

The 1.21-pound  SolarPanel 10+ is a folding 10-watt solar charger with two high-efficiency monocrystalline panels that offer twice the power of the previous 5-watt version. It has the same analog sundial to help you properly align the panel for direct rays, with a 360-degree kickstand to keep it in just the right position.

All the solar energy you capture can be used to charge your gadgets in real-time, or stored in the on-board 3000 mAh battery for use later. Two indicators on the side show you the strength of the sun to measure your panel capacity as well as how much juice you have in the battery.

The dual solar panels fold up into a 10.12 x 8.19 x. 0.94 inch package that is easy to store in your backpack — or use the corner latches to hang it from your pack or tent to soak up the sun all day as you hike.

BioLite Charge

The new Charge Series works just as well while traveling as it does in the backcountry. The lithium-ion battery is housed in an ultra-thin stainless steel casing for lightweight durability. The battery packs are water-resistant thanks to a silicone gasket top to protect the connectors from rain and accidental coffee spills.

The battery packs come in three sizes — the Charge 10, Charge 20, and due out later this summer, the Charge 40. The Charge 10 weighs 3.2 ounces and includes a 2600 mAh battery that is good for one full smartphone charge. The Charge 20 weighs 5.8 ounces with a 5200 mAh battery, while the Charge 40 gives you four full smartphone charges on its 10400 mAh battery.

The SolarPanel 10+ retails for $129.95 and the Charge Series packs for $24.95 – $39.95, available now from the company website.

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