BioLite SunLight is a Fully Self-Contained Off-The-Grid Light


If you are like me, you often head out on a weekend adventure completely forgetting to charge up your headlamp, lantern, and all your other gadgets. To essentially save you from yourself and do the environment a little good in the process, BioLite created a portable light with built-in solar panel for a self-contained, off-the-grid lighting system.

The new SunLight is a 100-lumen, portable and dimmable light that you can take with you pretty much anywhere. The unit emits white light for traditionally lighting needs, red light for night vision, and a whole spectrum of other colors to suit your mood. An integrated kickstand rotates 360-degrees so you can hang the light, hold it, or place it wherever you want.

The SunLight runs off a 750 mAh li-ion rechargeable battery that can be topped up both through the built-in solar panel on the back of the light or via the micro-USB port. You can get a full recharge within about 7 hours via the solar panel or 2 hours via micro-USB. When charging via the sun, an integrated sundial helps you get the best alignment to soak up the most amount of solar energy.

One charge will last for three hours on high and 50 hours on low. The portable light will automatically switch into reserve low power mode when the battery gets low, giving you a heads up it’s time to recharge — you’ll still get an extra four hours of light to see you through the night.

The BioLite SunLight solar-powered light retails for $24.95 and is available now.

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