A Sub-Five Pound Packraft to Take You Farther

Whether you want to hike into an alpine lake to fish, rappel into a canyon to paddle out, float down a remote backcountry river, or bikepack to more remote regions, Kokopelli has a new packraft for you. Ultralight at sub-five pounds, the Rogue one-person packraft packs down small enough to easily fit in your pack or on your bike.

The Rogue packraft is made from TPU-coated 210 denier nylon with a kevlar reinforced floor and diamond ripstop seat. All the seam tape on the raft is reinforced for extra durability.

The packraft inflates pretty quickly using the included inflation bag and blow tube for final top up. You’ll find a variety of integrated D-rings to help strap down gear such as dry bags and even your bike.

The Rogue comes in two versions — the Rogue which includes a spray deck, and the Rogue-lite without. The Rogue-lite measures 85″ x 37″ x 51″ and weighs 4.9 pounds with the seat. The Rogue measures 90″ x 37″ x 57″ and weighs 7.5 pounds with the seat and backband. Both packrafts roll down to the size of a roll of paper towel.

The weight capacity for the Rogue-lite is 325 pounds and the Rogue is 400 pounds. The more weight you put on the packraft the slower and less responsive they become so probably not the best to carry a heavy load through technical whitewater.

Keep in mind that both the Rogue-lite and Rogue are single chambered rafts — that means if you should puncture, it’s game over for paddling. You can use inflatable dry bags  inserted into the pontoon of the Rogue that includes a Tizip. Additionally, you can purchase an inflatable floor separately to add a second chamber to the packraft.

Even if you are paddling in relatively calm water, I recommend a spray deck if going ultralight is not an issue. During our trip to Gates of the Arctic, I didn’t have a spray skirt and got pretty soaked just from water running down the paddles, not to mention the rain. We had to fashion one out of a tarp to keep me somewhat dry during the day.

Kokopelli is taking pre-orders for the Rogue and Rogue-lite packrafts over on Kickstarter. Prices start at $725 for the Rogue-lite and $900 for the Rogue, with delivery expected in April.

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