Bug Screen For Your Bike Helmet

GNBPro Bike Helmet bug screen

Tired of getting bugs in your teeth as you barrel down that hill at 30 mph? Well now you can enjoy cycling without the hassle of bugs up your nose with GBNPro’s new personal bug screen. The bug screen attaches directly to your bike helmet and allows airflow to continue to cool your face while blocking out 95% of the bugs. With a motto of “It’s ugly, but effective”, you know you will want to try one for yourself this summer.

The bug screen keeps bugs out of your face while continuing to let fresh air in. Excellent visibility is maintained despite the screen’s proximity to your face. The bug screen is lightweight, strong and flexible enough to allow you to bend it back in order to grab a drink.

Velcro attachments enable the bug screen to be quickly mounted and removed. Luckily the bugs won’t splat on the screen as they do on a car windshield. An aerodynamic action through and around the bug screen ensures it is almost self cleaning and you won’t have your vision blocked by trapped bugs.

GNBPro has been researching the perfect bug screen design for the past ten years. The company believes they have now found the optimal design variables such as size, shape, screen color, and screen thread density in order to prevent whistling or distracting noise levels in proportion to airspeed penetration and aerodynamic wash.

You can purchase the GNBPro bike helmet bug screen for $20 from the company website.

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