Teva Releases Illum Flip Flop With LED Light

Creating a buzz at Outdoor Retailer last January, Teva has finally released the new Illum flip flop. Whether you are heading out for a pre-dawn surf session at the beach or navigating the terrain on a midnight camping bathroom run, the Illum flip flop will ensure you won't trip, stub your toes or run into that unwelcome nocturnal creature. 

The Illum flip flop features a detachable, waterproof LED light called the Pedlamp. Mounted on the forefoot, the Pedlamp projects a bright 10 foot beam. The light is angled directly where you are walking, fully illuminating your path.  

When you aren't using the Pedlamp, you can simply detach the light and hook it to the included keychain so you won't lose it. The Illum flip flops come with a replaceable battery that lasts up to eight hours of illumination.  

The Illums were built to be the most comfortable flip flop on the market. The topsole is made from a newly engineered, comfortable foam material molded to follow the contour of your foot. The straps are lined with super soft and water friendly Trek Dry microfiber and backed with a closed cell foam package. The Spider365 rubber outsole ensures you will get traction even on slippery surfaces. 

The Illum retails at $50 for the regular version or $60 for the waterproof nubuck leather version.  The Illum flip flops can be purchased from Teva online or from Teva retailers.


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