Katadyn MyBottle Purifier And Microfilter

Katadyn MyBottle Water Purifier and Microfilter

Katadyn announced the release of two new BPA free bottles, the
MyBottle Purifier
and the
MyBottle Microfilter
. The MyBottle is the next generation of Katadyn's best selling Exstream personal water bottle. With a great looking new shape and easier water flow, these bottles are perfect for your travel, hiking or backpacking adventures this summer. 

The MyBottle Purifier is the only EPA registered bottle purification system on the market. The purification system has three components: a cyst filter that removes Giardia and Crytosporidium, a Carbon Pre/Post Filter that reduces chemicals and improves water taste, and a Virustat cartridge to remove viruses and bacteria. Simply fill the bottle with water from virtually any source, insert the purification system and drink. 

The MyBottle Microfilter is a multi-purpose filtration system. It meets EPA guidelines for removal of bacteria and protozoan cysts like Giardia. This economical microfilter is easy to operate, reliable and uses the same carbon post filter as the Purifier for improved water taste. The Microfilter can easily be upgraded to a Purifier by adding the Katadyn Purifier Cartridge which is sold separately. 

Other MyBottle features include a flip up mouthpiece, carry loop and cartridge refill indicator.  Each MyBottle comes with a drinking straw to use as your everyday bottle if the source of water is already safe to drink.  

The Katadyn
MyBottle Purifier
retails for $50 an the
MyBottle Microfilter
for $40. 

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