Ergon TP1 Pedal Cleat Tool

Ergon TP1 Pedal Cleat Tool

Incorrect ergonomics on the bike can turn discomfort into sharp pain in a hurry. Ergon's new TP1 pedal cleat tool will ensure your feet are correctly positioned on the pedals in order to improve your performance, comfort and ultimate enjoyment on the bike.  

The Ergon TP1 enables the precise installation of cleats onto your bike shoes, making it a fast and accurate process. The tool allows you to make fine placement adjustments and position your feet relative to each other. In addition, the tool can be used to create exact cleat placement on a second or third pair of bike shoes.

To use, simply place your right or left shoe on the designated side of the tool and position the opening to where you would like to place your cleat. Directly on the tool, draw around the inside of your shoe so you can see exactly where it lines up on the grid. This grid allows you to precisely match the cleat position for your other shoe or make small variations as desired.

The Ergon TP1 has been developed with a number of clipless pedal systems in mid, each with their own specific tool. Currently the pedal cleat tool is available for Shimano SPD, Shimano SPD-SL, Look KeO and in the summer Crank Brothers.  

The Ergon TP1 pedal cleat tool retails for $25. 

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