Better Way to Store, Carry, or Dry Your Bike Shoes

Bike Cleats

A product you didn’t know you needed but will definitely want, Neatcleats help tidy up your cycling shoes — whether at home, in the car, or carrying to and from the office. Most of us just throw our shoes on the floor or stuff them in a bag when we’re done riding, which doesn’t do much to help them dry out or cut down on the build up of nasties. Now there is a better way.

Neatcleats are hooks that hang on your wall or come as part of a carabiner carrying system for storing your bike shoes. Your shoes clip in to the hooks in the same way they do your pedals, making it easy to get them in and out.

The gang at Neatcleats claim that your shoes will dry out up to 80% faster this way than if they were simply left on the floor or stuffed in your backpack. Although, I’m not so sure about storing muddy mountain bike shoes on the wall of my house. In the garage, maybe.

neatcleats wall neatcleats carabiner

Neatcleats come in two versions — a wall mounted version and a carabiner clip traveling set. They currently fit Shimano SPD-SL cleats, LOOK KEO Cleats, and Shimano SPD cleats. There will be SpeedPlay, TIME and Crank Brothers cleats available shortly.

Neatcleats retail for £9.95 for a single wall mount to £24.95 for the traveling set. Both are available from the company website.

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