Rapha Launches New Shoes for Road and Gravel

Rapha Classic Shoe

Developed entirely in house, the two new cycling shoe models from Rapha are built for both roadies and adventure cyclists. Called the Classic and Explore respectively, the shoes will keep your feet comfortable during long hours in the saddle.

Both the Classic and Explore cycling shoes features an upper made from a single piece of lightweight microfibre material. The upper is low cut to eliminate the risk of rubbing around the ankle, and a close-fitting heel cup keeps the shoe securely in place. The one-piece upper is finished with the trademark Rapha stripe that allows you to micro adjust the toe box volume to your preference.

In the midfoot, the fabric is double layered and folded back on itself to create a double wall. Both models incorporate a traditional lacing system that works in conjunction with this double wall for better fit. Securely anchored to the carbon sole at the base, the double wall creates a loop along the bridge of the foot, which serve as eyelets for the  laces. When lacing up the shoe, tensional force is distributed more evenly across the top of the foot, eliminating pinch points and creating a firm yet flexible fit for comfort throughout the pedal stroke.

Rapha Explore

The Classic Shoe features a durable anti-slip thermoplastic outsole and full length carbon plate, making it stiff for efficient power transfer and hard-wearing. The Explore Shoe has a shortened carbon plate of approximately 3⁄4 of the sole length secured in a rubber outsole for walkable comfort and efficient power transfer. Both models also incorporate adjustable arch supports, with a last that is shaped to provide ample toe box volume.

The Classic Shoe comes in five colors (White, Black, Black Pearl, High Vis Pink and an RCC version) and retails for $250. The Explore Shoe is available in four colors (Black, Black Pearl, Dark Green and High Vis Pink) and retails for $295

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