Rapha Caters to Women With New Bib Collection

Rapha Souplesse

For their new range of women’s bib shorts, Rapha overhauled the chamois to make it more comfortable for a wide range of riders. Drawing on feedback from 38 wear testers, including everyone from professional racers to commuters, the female designers at Rapha created a new chamois that comes in two sizes to accommodate different riding styles.

Rapha’s three new women’s bibs are all built around the new chamois –the Souplesse Detachable Bib Shorts, the Women’s Cargo Bib Shorts, and the Women’s Core Cargo Shorts. Each bib short style incorporates a dual-density foam chamois pad which comes in two sizes, depending on size of shorts and style of riding.

An antibacterial treatment ensures long-lasting next-to-skin comfort, while the seamless construction eliminates chafing. The chamois is pre-molded to match the female shape and provide better support. The dual-density foam chamois puts softer foam at the front to take pressure off more sensitive areas, while firmer foam supports the sit bones.

The Souplesse Detachable Bib Shorts ($270) are designed for high-tempo training rides and racing. In addition to a racing version of the new chamois, the bib shorts now feature a self-centering magnetic clasp, which allows the bibs to be removed easily when it’s bathroom break time. The clasp is located at the bottom of the mesh upper section and can be released with one hand without the need to remove a jersey.

The Women’s Cargo Bib Shorts ($270) have secure mesh pockets on the legs and back for storing essentials when you might need more space on longer rides or if you would rather ditch the overloaded jersey in favor of wearing something else. The bib shorts feature a brevet or long distance comfort version of the new chamois. The Women’s Core Cargo Shorts ($130) feature two mesh pockets on the legs for a similar purpose.

The Souplesse Detachable Bib Shorts and the Women’s Cargo Bib Shorts are available now. The Women’s Core Cargo Shorts will start shipping in March.

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